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I’m a father, engineer, project manager and musician who tends to work through ideas by way of paper and melody filtration (yes, that’s my engineering background talking).  I also work hard to write compelling songs.  Songwriting has never been easy for me, but it does come naturally.  It’s always been a satisfying way to process the world and it offers comfort in tough times.

As an avid non-fiction reader, much of what I write reflects observation, questions and response – to what you may ask?  Meaning, turmoil, peace, regret, joy, hopelessness, optimism, past and future.  But hey… sometimes I just write about BBQ sauce!

I’ve been a lifelong musician, performer and songwriter, but now I’m exploring the release of my own material and diving into engineering and production.  I have plans to release much more, God willing.  My hope is that a few songs will connect with your life experience and provide a little fun along the way!








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I’m writing all the time, but recording is a separate process that takes more resources.  Please enjoy these tracks as an introduction to my work while I continue to document new material.  This selection represents slightly different styles as I experiment with the recording process and tracking methods.  Each song was tracked in different locations with different musicians and instruments.  I also wanted to represent various song-writing structures.

Two of these songs are ONLY AVAILABLE to EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS.  When you enter your email to get the songs, you will be taken to a page with insider-scoop stories behind the artwork and production.

Feel free to contact me with feedback.  Here’s some positive feedback these songs have received-

“The melodic phrasing and vocal arrangement is fantastic! … this piece stands out!” – Great American Song Contest
“Story Of Our Lives is 1st Place Winner of this year’s Austin Songwriter’s Group song contest in the Inspirational category.” – Austin Songwriter’s Group
“Austin traffic song! Hit me right here *points to heart*” – Moses Nose



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