If you haven’t heard this yet, click the button below and get introduced!  It’s been described as Americana & Spiritually influenced “Neo Mellow” Alternative, but you can be the judge.

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(includes pre-release version of “Only Thing Between Us” not available elsewhere)




“Personifying hooks and well-crafted melodies that artistically convey spiritual passion…” -GASC

“…songs that make me think about things I tend to ignore…” –E.B.

“The melodic phrasing and vocal arrangement is fantastic! … this piece stands out!” – Great American Song Contest
“Story Of Our Lives is 1st Place Winner of this year’s Austin Songwriter’s Group song contest in the Inspirational category.” – Austin Songwriter’s Group
“Hit me right here *points to heart*” – Moses Nose 

~ I know the Christmas season is over, but I’m leaving this video up for a while anyway:) It was a blast to make with family and friends as guest singers! ~