“Sometimes my approach is like an MMA match between The Avett Brothers and Collective Soul…

... refereed by Tom Petty!”

Johnny Mark Herring is a Texas Singer-Songwriter and recording artist based in Austin, blending Americana, Alt-Rock and Spiritual influences.

Also a business planning strategist & project manager, he’s blessed with the opportunity to blend logic with creativity on a daily basis.

He’s been a performing musician for 20 years, filling band roles as drummer, bassist, guitarist and vocalist in all genera’s except jazz and rap.  He’s not a genera snob, it’s just that he can’t play jazz and rap.

Heavy influences include rock, post-grunge, country and gospel, but he is also trained in classical guitar.

He’s toured extensively through the Southern/Central US, lived on a tour bus (or camper) for months at a time and run a mobile recording studio.  These days, recording and releasing original material from a home-based studio has replaced the road.

His latest project “MAD ROUTINE“, is available here and due for distribution in 2018.