Johnny Mark Herring is an American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a foundation in performing, producing, recording and mixing.

Being a multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, bass) brought opportunities to tour, play weekly gigs, and be involved in diverse recordings ranging from country, rock and metal, to gospel and jazz.

The result is a Texas Alternative Rock artist who blends solid songwriting with diverse Americana-Folk and Spiritual influences.

As a singer-songwriter he’s been a featured solo performer at Austin’s acclaimed listening room, the Cactus Café, and has received numerous songwriting awards.

From 2005-2010 he operated a mobile recording studio capturing live events for churches and bands, which led to focus on production and mixing.

After completing a 13-song album co-produced with his father in 2013, Mark dedicated the next 2 years to fighting cancer with his wife and re-aligning priorities.  Through the challenges of 2015, he finished a 6-song EP, We Know If They Knew, which released in 2016.

“Making the EP was a stress relief that summer,” he says, “all the songs are personal, but my favorite is Feelings Fade.  I would sing it to myself to fight off depression.”

Mark is always writing and his next project is in pre-production – expected out by 2017 in LP form.  One of his musical goals is to offer people encouragement and a moment to think about important things when they hear his songs.  “Life moves too fast to ignore moments.”

We Know If They Knew is available now.



(personal note)

New music coming in 2017!

I always write.  Always, even while mowing the yard.

Recording?  Now that’s a different story.  It takes a lot of time and depending on the scope, it can be expensive.

Each song represents about 40 hours worth of work… of course I still have a job and family life.

So that’s why I get excited when I can finally say NEW MUSIC IS COMING!!



>>>> Get 3 of my favorite songs to relax and recharge <<<<

(includes new and yet un-released “Only Thing Between Us” not available elsewhere)