After one of Mark’s performances, a man in the audience confided that his girlfriend was dealing with suicidal tendencies.  He was profoundly moved by a song and compelled by tears to leave the room to compose himself.

Mark says he’ll never forget that conversation and it still inspires him today.

“Everybody deals with some sort of silent pain, and if a song touches even one person, that song fulfilled its purpose… that’s why I write.”

Johnny Mark Herring is a Texas Singer-Songwriter blending Americana, Folk, Alt-Rock and Spiritual influences.

The Avett Brothers vs Soul Asylum in hand-to-hand combat, refereed by Tom Petty.

After co-producing a 13-song album with his father in 2013, Mark dedicated the next 2 years to fighting cancer with his wife and re-aligning priorities.  Through the challenges, he finished the 6-song EP, WE KNOW IF THEY KNEW, which released in 2016.

“It was a stress relief that summer,” he says, “all the songs are personal, but my favorite is Feelings Fade.  It’s the ultimate “fight depression” song.”

Mark’s next EP, MAD ROUTINE, is self-produced including mixing, mastering and artwork.  It’s expected in early 2018 and includes the single Make A Big Noise.