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Thanks for joining my notification list for new music.  I’ll let you know when I have a new video or song out.

Here’s a few tunes for your players just to say welcome! download the songs.

They’re yours to keep and can be dropped into iTunes or any media player you like.


Here’s a little background on the download songs:

Story Of Our Lives is a mid-tempo tune written after serving with other Austinites at Get Up Project.

They are a charity organization formed to improve the lives of political refugees from Nepal.  The song helps raise funding for a medical clinic run by Get Up Project.

It’s also won a few writing awards including 1st place in the ASG Song Contest and Finalist Honors in the GASC International contest.

The cover art is a photo by friend Lisa Reed who makes hand crafted glass art and jewelry.  I loved the imagery and it reminds me of how everyone we’ve ever known is somehow wrapped up in our story.

I performed vocals and acoustic guitar on this one and many awesome people contributed.


Austin Traffic Song is obviously about… yes, the thing we all love about Austin.

I wrote it during the Christmas season when schools were out and I was able to get to work in half the normal time.  The contrast to my normal commute made me declare “Traffic is the worst thing about Austin”.

It has a Texas-County kick and it allowed me to vent my frustrations in the healthiest way I could.  I hope you can relate to this one:)

The cover art is a photo I took from my car during one of my morning commutes on HWY 183.  You might notice the longhorn emblem on the back of the car in from of me.  I think this was somewhere near the Mopac interception of 183 going South.

I did vocals, acoustic guitar and bass on this one.  Daniel James: drums, Brett Danaher: electric guitar, Clayton Corn: piano


Amy Smiles is an Americana rocker and I recorded all music and vocals at my studio in Austin and in my dad’s studio in Salado.

Daniel James played drums and Clayton Corn played B3.  Like the other two songs, It was mixed and mastered by Jeff Moore at Mix-House in Austin, TX.

In the lower right corner there’s a photo of my grandmother when she was young.  I fell in love with it when I saw it at her house after someone had it “colorized”.  Black and white still looks better to me and It somehow captures that “far away look” I mention in the song.  To me, this song is about the difficulties of understanding the ones we love and how relationships are cloaked in mystery.




I hope you enjoy these!  I look forward to connecting with you in the future and please feel free to contact me anytime.
Here’s the link again: download them now.