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Song Production, Recording and Mixing

I’m a recording and mixing enthusiast that takes a technical and artistic approach – does it sound “right”, does it feel “good”.

I’ve recorded live events, moved partially recorded projects into finish product, and helped artists develop songs from scratch, one track at a time.

If you already have demo tracks, perhaps we can overdub from there.  If the songs are just recorded on your phone, we can build from scratch! If your band is rehearsed and ready to go, live tracking is a cost-effective way to document your music.

Or maybe you already have recorded tracks but you’re struggling to get them to sound right, contact me and I’ll listen to them to let you know if I can help.  Perhaps they just need a fresh unbiased remix to bring them to life.

My primary work is in the rock, singer-songwriter, jazz, indie and country-pop genres, but I’m open to any artistic venture.  So listen to a few work samples and let’s explore working together if you like what you hear.

Sample Work


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Live Recording

Over the years I’ve recorded in churches and Austin venues such as Sullivan’s, Texas Music Café, Red Fez and Austin School of Music.  Each event and venue is different and I give it the attention it deserves.

I’ll come to your location and bring all the necessary gear to professionally capture the live audio.

  • include close micing on individual instruments and vocals for mixing later
  • the room and audience will be captured to include the ambience and mood
  • experienced using live sound systems and working with live sound engineers to integrate the recording
  • coordinate with the location managers as needed to ensure space and power needs are accommodated.

I’ll match the requirements of the recording with the proper gear.

  • I’ll provide the right tools for the job and bring additional engineering assistance as needed
  • pricing will be comprehensive and include all labor and equipment fees

Live Event Recording and Multitrack Recording

  • High school / Elementary band performances
  • Church services / worship music
  • Piano recitals
  • Choir performances
  • Band rehearsals / live gigs

Here’s some of what you get:

  • Consultation to plan for your needs
  • A package price quote
  • We’ll contact event organizers and pre-inspect the venue (if necessary and possible)
  • Raw tracks can be provided in .wav format for your own mixing later
  • Finished product (mixed/mastered) can be quoted separately after recording if desired

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Graphic Design

I create art work for one-image singles, digital-only release EPs with digital .pdf art, and full-blown physical CD packages.  I’ll do my best to capture your ideas and the spirit of the music it represents.  I’m not a photographer but I can integrate your existing photos or pull from libraries to get the right effect.

Album art is a critical piece of the music package.
The cover image is the first hint someone gets that helps them decide whether or not to listen to your music.
It’s important to make it look professional and appropriate for your genera.
I can help pull all the pieces together to get an inspirational cover.

Creating compelling artwork takes technical tools, editing skills and an artist eye.
As an artist, I understand how difficult it is to release control over to someone else. But I’m always amazed at the new creations that emerge when I do invite others into the process.

Invite me into your process and together we can make something better than anything we could make on our own.”


Ask Me About Designing Your Artwork


Website Design

I’ve been playing with websites for many years and have set up several for friends and businesses.  I have experience with different hosts and many 3rd party services such as marketing tools and storefronts. The site you’re seeing now is mine and I maintain it.  It’s a lot easier to do than it was years ago but it can still be confusing if you’ve never done it.  I can walk you through the process and help set it up so you can maintain it.

I am not a developer but I am well-versed in wordpress and can get most things done with plugins.  One thing I don’t want to dive into is migrating an existing site to a new host.  But contact me if you want to improve your existing site or start a new one from scratch and we’ll figure it out when we talk.

I’m up for bartering or trading services for website help if you are cash-strapped. 

Here’s some of what I can help with:

  • define your goals for the site and what functionality you need
  • offer the most appropriate, cost effective options
  • domain registration ($10-$15/year per domain)
  • hosting ($6-$15/month for shared server)
  • site design
  • mailing list setup with or without auto-responders ($0-$20/month)
  • mailing list website integration
  • google analytics setup and integration ($0/month)
  • paypal and stripe setup and integration ($0/month but have transaction fees)
  • online store setup and integrating with the website ($0-$10/month, may also have transaction fees)
  • product displays like photo galleries, art displays, audio players, etc…
  • blog setup and integration
  • copy writing

Prices are typical costs for maintaining a site and do not include my fees.  As you can see, I can show you how to run a site for $16-$60 per month!  I run mine for under $20 per month so it is more affordable than you think.


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Music Lessons

I offer beginner and intermediate lessons on:

  • guitar (rock, finger style, classical, theory and songwriting)
  • ukulele (speed metal… just kidding!)
  • bass (rock, country, bluegrass, blues, theory)
  • drums (rock, country, funk, blues)

Included in lessons are:

  • instrument care and tuning
  • learning specific songs you want to learn (you choose and I’ll teach them to you!)
  • differences between practice, rehearsal and performance in a band setting
  • chord chart reading and creation
  • professional behavior on stage and how the audience views us
  • when and how to play in a band setting (roles of each band member)


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