TI (backup)



Made adjustments based on feedback and used a few different music styles- Pop, Mellow and Rock (the original tune).

Hint for feedback –

  1. It is easy to make text/wording changes or move images and text to different locations on the screen.
  2. At this point, it is difficult to adjust timing of elements (shorten/lengthen time on screen) or add new elements because the entire timeline must shift accordingly and this causes animation to be misaligned in some cases.

The Moovly branding will be removed once the final video is rendered.









Rev 2

TI Intro Video – money and some wording changed.  This is Standard Definition quality.  We can export in HD if we want.




Target Intelligence Introduction – Video Short



Marketing Video Sample (no voice-over)

  • This is a short 30s video test just to see what this site can do.
  • I didn’t do a voice-over, but I have a recording studio and can make professional audio (the song playing is mine).
  • The real video production would do better with spoken audio included.
  • We would build a storyboard and depict the best scenes and text illustrations to support the spoken audio.
  • This test video doesn’t have much content… but the point was just to test it.  It’s pretty flexible.
  • The content timing is not optimized, but I didn’t want to waste time.
  • The paid version removes the banded watermarks and the branded ending.
  • This is the cheapest one I’ve found that’s any good so far.
  • It costs $120-$300 per year (or $20-$40 billed monthly).  Higher prices is for higher HD quality, more libraries, storage and scene editing, etc…